How organised are you?

We all have our way of storing our valuable documents. To some of us it comes naturally, but to others it’s like riding a unicycle. Research shows that organisation does not come easy to most of us, but when we are on top of our filing, it’s a great feeling of achievement and contentment.

So how organised are you? Could you immediately find the mortgage documents or the car insurance?

Let’s start by discovering what kind of filing system you use.

In a box

I throw them randomly into a large cardboard box marked important

In my head

I can pretty much remember where everything is even if it’s in different places

On my computer

I set up my own personal filing system but can’t get printed documents uploaded until I buy a scanner.

Hanging files

I started out with good intentions and bought a hanging file system. Now I have to download and print my on-line documents and hang them with the rest. I never have enough dividers.

Lost in space

I know where my passport is, but that’s about it




If you recognise any of these methods, then you are struggling. But don’t be disheartened. Organised people are not born – they learn to become organised.

With the launch of Mydigisafe, we’ve pretty much cracked the problem of keeping all your documents safely in the same place. And we’ve solved a problem you probably don’t even have -yet.

Many of us can stumble through life in a pretty disorganised fashion, but on the day we shuffle off this mortal coil, our relatives are left to work out what we never could. Where did Dad put all his papers? Is there a will, somewhere?

Mydigisafe is an online digital vault where you can store all your important documents. You simply upload them to the relevant folder where they remain for you to view or download whenever you like. What’s more, you can give access to your vault to anyone who may need to know in an emergency or when you die. It could be your next of kin or the family solicitor, your executor or someone to whom you have given power of attorney.

Whether or not you use Mydigisafe, there are a few golden rules to organisation. They are not difficult, but you need to be strict with yourself.


  1. Do it now

The longer you wait to do something, the harder it gets. If you get your insurance documents through, file them the very same day. You avoid losing the papers and you will have one less thing to do.

  1. Declutter

It’s surprising how much junk we live with. Just take a look at the storage industry which has grown into a multi-billion pound industry storing things people don’t really need. Hoarding is now officially classified as a mental disorder and can have profound effects on those who just can’t throw stuff away.

You should set aside time every month or so, to go through all your papers, putting them in three piles: important, maybe and junk. Spend most time looking at the maybe pile. Do you really need those restaurant receipts or reminder letters from TV Licensing?

  1. Digitise

Most paper started off as a digital file, so turn them back to their original state. If you don’t have a scanner (they cost less than £50 on Amazon) just take a photo with your phone. Once they are in digital format, you can load them onto your computer, or better still upload them onto My digisafe. And don’t forget to tick the “paper-free” option with your bank and energy supplier.

  1. Write it down

The best way to remember things is to write them down. The act of putting pen to paper aids memory- and you have a record. Its how kids learn at school.

  1. Tidy up the house

Researchers have found that a cluttered house makes us less productive and more stressed. The University of California gathered thirty couples for a study on stress hormones. Those who described their house as messy or chaotic showed increased levels of cortisol, a steroid hormone produced in response to stress. In fact, psychologists go as far as to say that actually doing the cleaning in good for your mental health. Tidy house: tidy mind.

So why not make it easy on yourself and those you leave behind by getting organised. Find out more about how Mydigisafe can help give you peace of mind.

mydigisafe, keeping all of your important information together.

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