MyDigiSafe is an on-line vault for storing and sharing important documents

If you are like the team here at MyDigiSafe, finding important documents is a real challenge.

That’s why we came up with a solution. Store them all online in a secure digital vault that is easy to access and share.

So whether you need help with your filing or want to share your valuable documents with those chosen to look after your estate when you die, then MyDigiSafe provides a neat answer.

MyDigiSafe is an online product provided by MyDigiSafe Limited, a company that’s dedicated to helping make practical plans for the future.

Sort it. Store it. Share it.


See what our clients have to say


MyDigiSafe is a great package. I was pleasantly surprised by how user friendly it is. It is simple to use and not over facing at all. I think it’s a great product for people that like to be very organised and know everything is secure and in place for a time when it’s needed but also equally important for people who aren’t usually organised and want to be. You can keep it very basic and just have all of your essential information or it has the potential for you to add so much more including even ‘a bucket list’. Well worth investing the time to set this up. I think this will be so useful not only to me but to my family in the future.

Laura - Retired - aged 60

Having had so many difficulties dealing with the whereabouts of my grandparents paperwork, I was pleased to find an online platform that could hold all of my data in one place, no more paperwork! I can now go through life adding and removing important information ready for my children. I don’t want them to experience the hassle I did.

Nat - Administrator - aged 30

After arriving back from my holiday to a flooded downstairs, I was quickly able to find the details of my home insurance company, by logging into MyDigiSafe.  I had no idea who my insurance company were and would have been left scrambling around trying to find my paperwork mid-crisis. 

James - Teacher - aged 37

I wanted a safe and secure place where I could store my personal details, such all my insurance policies, where my Will is kept, and all my other financial information.I’ve even stored my funeral wishes online. MyDigiSafe is perfect, and it has given me peace of mind. My executors can login when the time comes, and my attorneys can access my information if ever they need to, quite easily. It’s great.

Steve - Engineer - aged 46

Sort it. Store it. Share it.