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Store it

Our Store it plan lets you store all your important information in your own, personal digital vault.


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Meet Lee, a Store it plan holder

Lee considers himself to be cash-rich but time-poor. He has a great job, a nice house and four young children. Over the years he has built a considerable investment portfolio of shares, rental properties and other investments, but it is a nightmare to keep track of and as a result he finds it difficult to put his hands on all the paperwork he has amassed. With MyDigiSafe, Lee has already filed everything in his online vault. Whenever he needs to find the paperwork for his vehicles and properties, he logs into MyDigiSafe and retrieves the information he’s after. He even gets reminders to renew his car tax!

Share it

The Share it plan has all the features of the store it plan but has the additional benefit of being able to share access to your vault with others. This will typically be a close relative, an executor of your will or your legal representative. 


Meet Irene, a Share it plan holder

Irene has enjoyed a comfortable retirement, but now faces an uncertain future due to chronic ill health. She has been very careful to keep all her important documents, but now feels she needs to let others know where it can be found. With her mydigisafe account, she has been able to give the rights to view these documents to her solicitor and her son Michael. She now has peace of mind knowing that when her days are done, her executors will know exactly where to find everything. She has even written out her last wishes and stored a copy of her will online. 

How it works

First you must register for an account. Either a Store it account, which lets you store your documents, or a Share it account which lets you store and share with other people. Once registered, you login to your dashboard where your filing beings. You’ll find a comprehensive set of folders for your document categories where you fill out an overview form listing the details of your assets or liabilities. Then head over to the document tab where you will be able to upload any relevant scans or images and link them to a particular asset. 

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